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KitsuNet is a forum for "woofs, yerfs & everything else". It was established in November 2003.

The forum considers itself to be unique in that it's eccletic in what services and options it provides for its members and an extremely personable staff. Containing an RSS feed to various furry news sites, its personal chatroom which can be accessed on the site or through IRC, forums for all walks of discussion from suggestions to the staff to roleplaying and even open, loosely moderated debate, a convention map (using google maps) that is updated regularly, and a staff that is very personal when dealing with its members and any situation that arises, it considers itself a one-stop forum for any and all furry needs and is constantly looking for ways to add what people want.

Staff members[edit]


When asked about how he came up with kitunset, he said "Lets see here. *thinks hard* The server was initially set up for the 1337 Ghetto ( it was at ) a short-lived forum running off a Comcast cable internet connection in my bedroom that was created when Dreamcast Emulation, where I was a moderator, was talking about removing their Null / Junk forum. After a while, I because friends with Darius Greywind, who refused to use any IM client, so I set up an IRC server at the old 1337 Ghetto address. At this point, the web server contained nothing, so I set up a copy of Gallery and started uploading all the fox pictures I could find, the name then switched to KitsuNet, which I chose late one night because I liked the sound of it, and the address became . After that was up for a while (on November 13, 2003), I decided to set up a forum on the website, Darius set up all the forum categories. It ran on my laptop for a while, so the site went dark every day when I went to school. However, we switched to a real host, 1-and-1, because they were giving away 3 years of free hosting (although the hosting was very poor and came with no support), the next day we had our current domain."

  • Arrowhead - The second-in-command of Kitsunet, a snake, he presents himself as jovial when acting as a normal member of the forum. Shortly after he joined, as a regular member he extinguished a minor flame-war with a no-nonesense approach, which caught the eyes of the staff during that time who requested he'd join the moderator team. Working behind the scenes of more than several mod decisions for three years, eventually he was asked to be co-admin of the site due to his dedication and good judgment.


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