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KitsuMUCK (also known as kRPG) is a furry roleplaying MUCK themed around Kitsune. It is centered around an ongoing storyline which takes place in two different worlds. Despite its dominant kitsune theme, all kinds of species are welcome.

  • Addresses:
  • Ran from/to: October 2004 - June 2011 (hiatus)


  • Samui - Owner of KitsuMUCK, and creator of the stories behind Kitsuria and S'Fyra.


Beginning Stages (October 2004–August 2006)[edit]

kRPG started out as a primitive chat system similar to IRC. The server and client were both built in Visual Basic, and were constantly updated with bug fixes and new features. Samui was the sole developer of this system, so it was updated when he had time after school or work. Most of the userbase consisted of people he role played with on AIM and IRC, and it never grew much past that.[1]

In early 2005, there were plans made for a MUDlike system named "kRPG: Adventure Edition". Due to procrastination, it never got started, however KitsuMUCK could be considered what "kRPG: Adventure Edition" was going to be.[2]

kRPG's website continued to evolve, and allowed users to create their own accounts where they can manage their characters' profiles.[3]

Development first stopped in March 2006[4], and restarted in July 2006 when there was new interest in kRPG. It stopped once again at the end of August 2006 when it was decided to turn kRPG into an actual MUCK.[5]

KitsuMUCK (September 2006–March 2009)[edit]

In September 2006, development began on KitsuMUCK, then known as kRPG2. The MUCK itself opened to the public in February 2007, when the world was mostly built.[6] The name was changed to "KitsuMUCK" in April 2007, keeping kRPG as its internal name. The domain was registered that month. Activity was fairly limited, though Samui continued to work on the MUCK.

In February 2008, Samui added a front-end on the MUCK's forums that allowed a player to edit their profile as well as create alts. This was phased out later in the year because of bugs. Activity continued to be limited during the year. Samui changed the forum software in January 2009 to Simple Machines, and bridged the user accounts between the forums and the MUCK. The main site also had a makeover, marking the return of the Profile editor with many improvements. At the end of February 2009, he installed a Flash MU* client to replace the Java client.

At the end of March 2009, Samui announced that development for KitsuMUCK will no longer be a priority, though it will not be shut down. It remains online for those seeking Kitsune RP, and will be revamped in time. Over the course of the year, not much had happened. The site went through some slight graphical changes, and Samui decided to disable the battle system in favor of just doing freeform RP.

Hiatus (June 2011–)[edit]

In April 2011, the domain for KitsuMUCK had expired. Due to financial circumstances, Samui was unable to renew it at the time. This prompted him to move it to a subdomain of Kitsuria Network. As of June, the MUCK was placed on indefinite hiatus while Samui focuses on other projects.

In October 2013, Samui announced that he planned to eventually restart the MUCK with a clean slate.[7] In an e-mail announcement, he also mentioned plans to recreate the original kRPG system.


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