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Kitora(きとら) is a Japanese furry artist, mostly drawing dragons.


In 2001, he made his debut as doujin manga artist on Japanese kemono joint-dojinshi "Zoocan3" on Kemoners02 (the major kemono/furry doujin circle at that time) on the recommendation of Mahyo Sendo, the member of the circle. [1]

In the middle 2000s, he published two-volume joint-dojinshi of non-porn comics and illustrations of dragons "VORWARTS" , and since 2008 publishes porn joint-dojinshi of gay and muscle-futfur dragon. [2]


He attended Anthorocon 2009 and decided to make fursuits.[3] As a results he made his first fursuits "Ramuné" in 2010. [4]


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