Kitoichi Aoiro

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Kitoichi Aoiro is a ninja kitsune who has been involved in the furry fandom since 2006, though she has been a fur all her life. Like many furs, she didn't know that there were others out there like her. The name Kitoichi is a blend of kitsune and kunoichi (female ninja). Aoiro means "blue."

Kitochi's mate is Guriifu, a border collie.


Kitoichi is an anime fur. She's a small blue kitsune with a white mane that's animeishly spiky in the front, and continues down to her three tails, which are all completely white. Her legs are all blue with white toes, and her arms are all black from the shoulder with white fingers. She has large, black ears with white tips. Her paw pads are dark brown, her eyes are dark emerald green, and her claws are a light grayish brown. She has 8 toes and 10 fingers.

Background Story[edit]

Kitoichi was abandoned as a kit, when her village was attacked by Shinobi. The Shinobi took her home to their village, where she was trained as a Kunoichi. However, females were only taught to seduce and kill, so when she reached adolescence, she began teaching herself to fight like a real ninja. Being a kitsune, she became very strong and very fast as a kunoichi, and she discovered she had a knack for Genjitsu. Soon, she killed her captors, and the village she had grown to call home. For a few years she was a rogue, killing and pillaging as she saw fit. She became very distrustful and paranoid. She had a particular hatred for dogs. When she first met Guriifu, they fought. In fact, she almost killed him. However, she charmed her into letting him go. Fascinated by his unusual behavior, she traveled with him. Soon, they became mates. Since then, Kitoichi has let down her defenses and changed her ways.

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