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Cirrus Dragon at Califur 2007

Kiteless Dragon (born July 21, 1978) is a furry who lives in Union City, California, United States.[1]


Kiteless grew up in San Diego, California, and, eager to make friends, joined the furry community in 1995.[2] Going by the alias SexyDragon, he spent his time online chatting and MUCKing.

In 1999, Kiteless learnt of the existence of furry conventions when he heard about ConFurence 10, which was that year being held close by in San Diego. Kiteless scraped together the money to attend for part of one day.

In 2000, Kiteless started a website called (a play on the PC Gaming website to express his love of dragons, though it has since fallen into disuse.

In 2001, Kiteless attended his first full convention, Further Confusion, and later that year moved to the Bay Area of San Francisco. Kiteless become more heavily involved in Further Confusion and joined its staff, fulfilling such roles as FCTV video editor, FCTV Camera Operator for the Critter Olympics, DDR Tournament organizer, and Iron Artist "expert" panelist several years in a row.

At Further Confusion 2006 and 2007, Kiteless was the M.C. for the Masquerade and Furry Night Live. Kiteless returned as M.C. for the Furry Masquerade in 2008, when he was also Marketing Director, host of a Species Panel, and again an "expert" panelist for Iron Artist.


Kiteless Dragon is a fursuiter. His fursuit characters are:


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