Kitaro Algazi

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Art of Kitaro's previous fursona.
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Kitaro Algazi, also seen as Kitto, (born 1988) is a bat, who is a global nomad. His fursona was a fennec. He was schooled for most of his early years in the United States and then Israel for his high school career. He enjoys role-playing via text, MMORPGs and old school pen and paper formats, such as Forgotten Realms.

Kitaro Algazi[edit]

Character Attributes
Full Name: Kitaro Algazi
Nicknames: Kit, Kitto
Previous Names: Kitaro Hageshii (2005-2006)
Species: Undefined Nectarivore
Age: 21
Character Age: Since June 2007
Eye Colour: Black
Fur Colour: Brown
Markings: None
Height: 4'2"

A picture book history of Kitaro's fennec fursona[edit]

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