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Kitaen Vallaus-Riviern'kirsa Fauxlorin Silva, alternatively known as Kitaen Silva, or the more commonly used "Kit" (born in 1989),is an aspiring multimedia artist and novelist, and the primary owner of Ghost X Machina Studios. While he currently has no formal employment, he does volunteer services as an administrator for Proximatic, a small but growing community server for Minecraft. As well as that, Kitaen annually volunteers as security for Ohayoocon, and is by far is favourite profession.

Fur-sonal Information[edit]

A partially completed traditional-media image of Kitaen's fursona.

Kitaen's current fursona is a fox-type furry sporting gunmetal fur with cerise hair, ears, chestfur and tail tip. Commonly seen wearing multiple layers of clothing, including a black trenchcoat or robe with pink hems and large, kimono-like sleeves that he hides his hands in. Also noted in his typical attire are numerous pink accents, a large pink symbol of a Japanese-influenced "spirit flame" on the back, as well as a pink fishnet top over ablack A-shirt, and black hakama-style leggings with a pink spirit-flame design embroidered into nearly half of the material. It is also noted that his official "final" design has him outfitted with a pair of black and pink succubus wings, but he is usually not pictured with them. This is mostly because that detail is forgotten, but it works out as far as story is concerned, due to his not even having the wings until later tales. Also not pictured due to chronological, racial, and cultural reasons; Kitaen is more specifically termed as a kitsune as detailed in Japanese mythos, instead of just "fox", as he later earns multiple tails and related abilities.

He is often portrayed as the leader of a group of mercenaries called the "Zephyr Brigade". He also commonly plays as every character in the Brigade itself, while using an interesting blend of many writing genres simultaneously. He enjoys breathing life to an incredibly deep setting complete with comprehensive histories and cultures. He makes an active and strong effort to avoid "god-moding", "meta-gaming", and maintain crystal-clear grammar and literacy. His roleplaying partners often express a pleasant roleplaying experience, though there have been, of course, cases where individuals have expressed distaste in his roleplays. This is usually due to a clash of interest, dissatisfaction with the amount of content and/or detail ("tl;dr" is common.), the amount of time spent on his replies, and even his occasional absences from roleplays due to circumstances in his personal life.

He was born in 1989 to one "Rhonda Harris" and one "Ronald Roberts" at the Cheboygan Memorial Hospital in Cheboygan, Michigan. Although he had viewed himself to be "part fox" beginning at an early age in the mid-1990's, he was not introduced to the furry fandom until approximately 2002, and did not begin identifying or stating himself to be furry until late 2004, mostly due to not being privy to a vast quantity of information regarding furries. So while he has been a furry at heart since a young age, he was not an "official" furry until 2004, when he first began pursuing artistry by drawing his first ever version of his fursona.

Name & Fursona History[edit]

Kitaen's ex-fursona, "Matti Prower", as drawn by a GaiaOnline User named "Suiso".

Kitaen has not always been known as such, actually having gone by the name "Matti Prower" since 2004 until mid 2009. At which point he changed the name to "Matthias Chaplain" in order to avoid possible conflicts with SEGA when using the character, and then finally changing Matthias to simply being one of the many in his extensive plethora of characters. He adopted the pseudonym of "Kit Fox", "Kitæn Fauxlorin", and finally "Kitaen Vallaus-Riviern'kirsa Fauxlorin Silva" for himself in late 2009 and early 2010. The fursona associated with his name has only recently come about, and is still being designed as of the date this article is being written; 09/09/10.

His fursona has also changed in physical appearance over the years. During his "Matti Prower" era, His very first main fursona was a quadrupedal fox with light brown fur, ocean blue highlighting on his "headfur", tail tip, paws, and a claw scar-like marking on his right jawline. Also present was a branding on his right rear thigh of the roman numerals "XVII", designed to represent an affinity for the final fantasy series. Occasionally his fursona would be pictured with a pair of golden floating angel wings, but his fursona always had a crystal pendant necklace, whether drawn in quadruped or bipedal forms.

A progression of various changes to Kitaen's ex-fursona "Matti" between the years of 2004 and 2009

Not long after creating his first quadrupedal fursona, Matti's (Kitaen's) first bipedal form emerged. Matti retained his light brown headfur and blue highlights throughout most changes, but in his later years of being "Matti", his fur color changed to pink and white, remaining so until Kitaen discontinued the use of Matti as his fursona, retiring him to solely being a main character in a series of novels that have yet to be released. Kitaen has carried over a few minor things from his Matti pseudofur to his new "Kitaen" fursona, such as the luxurious long locks, and the story aspect of being surrounded by friendly characters.


Rogue London.jpg
His fursona is known to have a symbiont collective of nano-machines referred to as "MINAWE/IMOSYM-Ex.131Mark6Version03.08.13-F, ModelPIN702602", or the more gentle name of "Rogue London". London often appears in the shape of a tiny, female, doll or puppet-like humanoid of the approximate equal size to a two-liter bottle of soda, and is frequently in a maid's dress. Despite being a collective of nano-machines, London is actually capable of expressing emotion, sensation, and personal preference. One such preference is a fascination with blades of larger-than or equal size to her own typical proportions. This is usually in the form of large kitchen knives, bowies, and daggers.


Kitaen's cosplay inventory is currently lacking much content, but he does have his pink ears, tail, paws and legwarmers, courtesy of Darkfox Shadowpaws and Vixey Starpaws. He intends to expand his cosplay outfits by four sets after completing his main OC. These outfits being self-created, he intends to imply some "flashy" attributes, such as on his male version of Flandre Scarlet, he intends to create the wings in such a way that they have several lighting functions. Firstly acting as a graphic visualizer for music, secondly, using a microphone to be sound-sensitive and reactive to voice or music, thirdly, with some set light patterns, and finally, steady-on with a dimmer. His remaining three outfits are variations of Ran Yakumo from Project Touhou, his first being the actual canon design, his second being "Dark Ran", an evil and twisted male version, and his third being "Flashion Ran", a male version using disco-like fashion.


Kitaen prides himself on his self-taught capabilities as an artist in the anime genre, however, his weeabooish tendencies have blinded him to the concept of art as a whole. Thanks to an individual going by the name of "Skudd" and his unorthodox, harsh, blunt, and possibly indirect methods, Kitaen has come to the sudden realization of this. He has taken his skill in anime, placed it in a large filing box, and stuck it on a bookshelf. In front of this extremely large bookshelf is a sign that says "Kitaen's Art Skill". After stepping back and seeing just how empty this bookshelf really is, he has revoked his title of "artist", no longer referring to himself as such, and he has determined to study and practice other forms of traditional-media art. Once he feels that he has reached an admirable level in a much wider range of art forms, he has decided to take everything he has learned, and apply it to his skill in anime before he will finally begin calling himself an actual "anime artist".


His musical interests lie almost entirely in electronica and it's many sub-genres, but also in the YouTube- and NicoNicoDouga-common "MAD"s, which utilize assorted "sources" from movies and webvideos as instruments in creating remixes of existing music or even original pieces like Pogo's "UPular". He also has an affinity for Vocaloid releases.

Primarily, his favorite releases have been the spawn of LapFoxTrax/VulpVIBE's own Renard Queenston and his many aliases.


Kitaen may be an avid writer, however, he is by no means "professional" at his current level of study in literature. He does express strong aspirations, capability, and potential in the area, and fully intends to write and produce multiple series in the Science Fiction/Fantasy genre.

He is currently working on a number of titles, but primarily he is trying to piece together a chronological ordering of events for The Silvan Legacy series. Alternative to that, he has been writing the initial rough draft for the second book in his Gensokyo Border fan-series. The Gensokyo Border set is a series of four books based upon a popular series of "danmaku" games made by ZUN, called Project Touhou. The first book in Kitaen's fan-series, "Awakening Emotional Gensokyo ~ Incredible Pains of Unarmored Heart", has a determined plot, but no written content. "Beyond Border Gensokyo ~ Unraveling Boundaries of Sustaining Pages", the second book in the series, is the only one with any written content to date, possessing 14 chapters of rough-draft story and an intended 40-plus chapter count goal. "Anomaly Incident Gensokyo ~ Luminous Wings of Cold Steel", and "Shattered Land Gensokyo ~ Raging Path of Broken Spear" are the third and fourth books, respectively. They also have no content beyond a determined plot, to date.

Ghost X Machina Multimedia Studio[edit]

Ghost X Machina Multimedia is a small but growing studio owned and founded by Kitaen himself, with five solid members and three pending members. The studio made it's first public debut at a local street fair with a small table displaying the works and crafts of Kitaen, Slink Zeenith, and Soren B. on June 11th, 2011 at Super-Fly Comics and Books in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

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