Kit n Kay Boodle

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Kit n Kay Boodle
Author(s) Richard Katellis
Update schedule On hold (as of the summer 2013)
Launch date January 6, 2001
Genre Erotic comedy
Censor NC17 button.png

Kit n Kay Boodle is a Comic Genesis-hosted webcomic illustrated by Richard Katellis, which was rated NC-17 due to the high sexual content of the comic. Previously updated twice a week, it seems to be on hold as of the summer of 2013.


Kit and Kay Boodle are two foxes from Yiffburg (the yiffiest place on earth), a utopian city where nudity and sex in public are not only legal, they are considered normal and encouraged. The comic follows their adventures.

Originally, most of the comics' adventures centered around sex as a goal, but in more recent years the storylines have become rather complex with deeper meanings.


Main characters[edit]

  • Kit - A fox and long-time resident of Yiffburg, possessing a huge sexual appetite, and the mate of Kay, who is usually the only recipient of his carnal affections.
  • Kay - Kit's mate who, like her husband, has an enormously strong sex drive.
  • Kat Ellis - Avatar of Richard Katellis, husband of Shirlee Mouse.
  • Shirlee Mouse - Avatar of Richard Katellis's fiance, Shirley Chessler-Wakefield, real life girlfriend of Kat Ellis
  • The Mayor and Mrs. Mayor - They have always known that Yiffburg has unique potential, and now that they know about The Gods of Yiff, they begin to understand what Yiffburg is for. Among other things, they brew boinkberry wine. Mrs. Mayor appears to also be the avatar of Shirley's mother.
  • The Gods of Yiff - Generally believed to have created boinkberries. They caused giant boinkberries to grow in Kit and Kay's garden. Eventually (episode 20060126), Kit and Kay become the new Gods of Yiff.
  • The Incognito Vixen - First appeared as a vixen who got off on watching Kit and Kay. Later revealed as an agent of The Gods of Yiff, she then serves Kit and Kay when the mantle of "Gods of Yiff" falls onto them. They assign her to watch over Bill Blaine, but he leaves while she is mating with Aeolimnus. Despondent over her failure, she attempts suicide by throwing herself into the Cosmic Void.
  • Aunt Matilda - Produces lots of milk in her large breasts, which sometimes get painful. When that happens, she seeks out Kit and Kay to "lighten her load" by drinking some. Assigned by The Gods of Yiff to watch over Kit and Kay and protect them.

Other characters[edit]

  • Farquard Fox - Director of the Yiffburg Civic Theater Company.
  • Wetdreamlings - A sort of being that appears to those who have a lot of yiffy energy but nobody to share it with. Among other powers, a wetdreamling being can appear as the person you desire most.
  • Karastropov - A dictator. He is immortal, but completely lacking in sex drive. He has been killed many times, but whoever kills him then becomes Karastropov. But he has a weakness: if the body he is inhabiting stays yiffy, he can't control it but also cannot escape.
  • Myers (a zebra) and Poochley (French poodle) - Yiffy reporters
  • Hokum, Fleecer, Bunko, and Skamm: - Four crooked lawyers from the country of Cumbria. Kit and Kay met them when they went to deal with Karastropov, and they appear again in "Boinkberry Bequest" and "By Boinkberries Betrayed".
  • Bill Blaine - A witness to something that Mitchell has done, he is currently a guest in Yiffburg, recipient of the sexual attentions of two lovely females of his species (and vice versa). His presence there serves as bait to help lure Bunko and Skamm to Yiffburg, but as Kit and Kay repeatedly assure him, he is welcome to stay as long as he likes.
  • Aeolimnus - A wetdreamling with a passion for anal sex. When first seen (episode 20070918), he is working for Karastropov (who has hidden himself in Mitchell). After the Incognito Vixen tempts him into sodomizing her, he breaks from Karastropov/Mitchell and helps Kit & Kay. He also helps bring back the Incognito Vixen.
  • Kir Kiridian - A male ridgetail, takes on the task of exorcizing Karastropov from Skamm.


Yiffburg is home to the Boinkberry bush, which yields delicious berries all year round. It grows wild, but many residents grow them in their gardens. Boinkberries have two functions:

  • They are a mild aphrodisia, not that the residents of Yiffburg need one.
  • They are a natural W:contraceptive|contraceptive]]. If a male eats a few blue boinkberries, and the female a few pink ones, then they can yiff all day and the female doesn't get pregnant. Want cubs? No problem, just stop eating them, and fertility returns. There are no side effects.

Story Sequences[edit]

Kit 'n Kay Boodle presents a sequence of stories. Some are light-hearted plots centered around sex; others are more complex, including the "Kit 'n Kay save the world" story arcs..

The starting date for each story sequence is in the form yyyymmdd. This converts to a URL of the form

20010108: Coming to the Rescue - Kit demonstrates how to get out of a hole by getting into a hole.
20010129: Motivational Therapy - Kay finds a way to motivate Kit to stuff and lick envelopes
20010212: Getting Her Head Together - Kit solves Kay's bad hair day
20010307: Pest Control - Kay uses Kit to shoot down an annoying fly.
20010402: Here we Go Round the Boinkberry Bush - Giant boinkberries and the Gods of Yiff
20011211: Lust and Found -- A new vixen just likes to watch Kit and Kay yiffing.
20010108: Slanguage -- Kit, Kay, and friends trade favorite euphemisms for sexual body parts.
20020321: Milk Made - Introducing "Aunt Matilda," who turns out to be working for the "Gods of Yiff"
20020702: Undress Code - Kayleen tests a new fabric that adapts to the wearer's feelings
20021022: Berry Good -- The whys and wherefores of boinkberry wine.
20030121: A Day in the Life - Introduces "wetdreamlings"
20030520: Interlude -- Real life: Richard and Shirlee visit Shirlee's mom, the inspiration for Mrs. Mayor
20030701: State of the Yiff - Introduces the villain, the dictator Karastropov
20030911: Interlude -- More stuff about Shirlee's mom.
20031118: Outfox the Tyrant - Karastropov is neutralized
20040420: Visit Cumbria - Tawny can store and release yiffy energy
20041116: Boinkberry Boondoggle - Kit 'n Kay left on vacation, and the big boinkberries disappeared
20050118: Interlude -- Did you really do it with Shirlee's Mom watching?
20050315: Boinkberry Bizarro - The new vixen from "Lust and Found" wants more than just watching. And the "Gods of Yiff" are dying.
20060105: Boinkberry Bequest - Seducing two lawyers from Hokumm, Fleecer, Bunko & Skamm.
20061128: An Inside Job - RL Shirlee's Mom meets Richard's Dad.
20070723: By Boinkberries Betrayed - the being that inhabited Karastropov comes back in a different body.
20130327: Darlene's Lament - (plotline not yet defined)

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