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Kit Killovarras, also known as KitTheSoulless, Soulless or simply Kit (born March 21st 1988) is a furry writer from Sacramento, California, USA. His fursona is a twin tailed kitsune hermaphrodite with rather odd powers that lean towards those of the Egyptian Gods.

Writing style[edit]

Though his art has always been questionably dark, he continues to write everything from horror stories and science fiction thrillers, to the mediaeval romance. With a flare for the more twisted, readers are to be warned, that death, torture and very graphic chapters are to be expected even in his most beautiful love stories.

Of the stories allowed to the viewing public (not including any requests) or with what little yiff he writes, and his obvious flare for the deranged, it's tends to surprise readers that the only stories he can not write as 'gory' or 'twisted' are yiff stories (for those few, this means no vore, mutilation, snuff, etc.)

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