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Kisu's character

Kisu lives in Vantaa, Western Finland. He is well-known in Finnish Furry Fandom for his non-anthro feline art. He has interests in felines, panthers, traditional art, digital art, photography and Retro games.


Kisu's fursona is a male non-anthro or feral black panther / Amur leopard (Panthera pardus orientalis) with a white/gray stripe marking from under his chin to down of his groin. He has blue eyes, a black nose (usually; it can be pink), black pawpads (can be pink), long whiskers (can be left out), pointy ears and a fluffy tail.

Kisu has also another Fursona "Misu" which is a cyan-greenish eyed party african lioness and "Shiva" which is fluffy asiatic lioness.

Alternate nicks[edit]

Kisu's character has some alternate nicknames because of some requirements.

  • Blackpanther (used in irc Furnet early year 2000 and on Catcollection website)
  • Bpanther (used in irc Quakenet 1998 - 2002)
  • KisuKatti Manimal (used in Second Life and was discontinued on 2005, Q4)
  • Kisu Farstrider (used in Second Life and Founded early 2010 again)
  • KisuCat (used in deviantArt)
  • KisuPantteri (Used in Twitter, Twitch and Flickr)
  • Kisuli (Used in irc sometimes)

Changes in the past[edit]

Kisu's character had pink pawpads and pink nose during the early days of his life. Kisu has also had three different forms; he could be in plushie form and adult or a cub panther in feral form.

Furry art[edit]

Kisu has two main art galleries on Internet, one of them resides on deviantArt and the other at Fur Affinity. Most Furries in Finnish Furdom knows Kisu's art with nearly 99% of the feline material he mostly draws. Kisu is also known for his hand crafted tails and for his works with traditional tools, oils, acrylics and many other things that can barely be called art tools.

His art is focused on feral feline characters, but he is willing to work on almost anything for commissions. Most of his art is based on Fan Art and or real life animals.


Kisu started making his first Leopard Panther fursuit in Summer 2006 but the process was discontinued. The second fursuit(Digitigrade Lioness suit) made its birth on 2008 and was in use several finnish furry gatherings and Eurofurence 14. 3rd fursuit "Kisu" was finnished just before EF 15 and got its first appearence in EF precumming meet at SlvWolfs's home. 4'th and 5th fursuits are currently work in progress

Furdom activity[edit]

Kisu is a regular fandom member; he has run some art contests in the past, has lead some furmeets and planned trips to foreign countries with small groups and also organizes bus trips for furries. Kisu has made most of the finnish furries furry tails and held 2nd and 3rd largest furry group meets with Peking. Kisu is Secretary and Cheaf Financial Officer of Roolipeliyhdistys FinFur Ry (2010 and up)

Convention attendance[edit]

  • Eurofurence 11 Participated the convention
  • Eurofurence 12 (was one of the sponsors, was a helpful gopher and had some work in the art show)
  • Eurofurence 13 (was one of the sponsors, donated a picture for conbook back page and gave the original of the picture for charity. Had some work in the art show and sold tails in dealers den)
  • Eurofurence 14 (was one of the sponsors, donated picture for conbook p.31. Sold tails in Dealers den and participated numerous furuit events)
  • Eurofurence 15 (was one of the sponsors, bought charity item from auction, sold some art in ArtShow and participated Fursuit Stagefever, Gameshow and Magic carpet ride)
  • RBW 2009 Registered member but could not participate cause lack of funds and due work
  • Eurofurence 16 (was one of the super sponsors, participated Fursuit Game and Stagefever, participated the artshow but had problems with his art on the way to germany)
  • Fellig 010 (As guest of honor and assisted with convention art)
  • FinFur Summer Camp 2011 (crew)
  • Eurofurence 17 (was one of the super sponsors, held some art in artshow and participated security duties)
  • Fellig 011
  • FinFur Summer Camp 2012 (crew)
  • Eurofurence 18 (was one of the super sponsors, held some art in artshow and participated security duties)
  • Fellig 100 (Assisted with t-shirt art)
  • FinFur Summer Camp 2013 (crew)
  • Eurofurence 19 (was one of the super sponsors, held some art in artshow, made some art for con sig room doors and participated security duties)
  • Eurofurence 20 (Registered to the convention)
  • FinFur Animus 2015 (crew)

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