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Kirronia (meaning "Chironia") is a fictional extrasolar planet, the home of the Kirru species within the universe of Furscape MUCK. It is not an accessible location in the MUCK; some of the Kirrus have made their home on Jalan instead. Kirronia only lives in the legends of the Kirru. Its exact location and current status is not known.

In the year 1400, the Queckshiaulriaul, a semi-bionic interstellar spaceship from Kirronia with a Kirru crew, explored the galaxy and landed on Earth (Himalaya region) to pick up biological samples (including snow leopards and other high-mountain wildlife). A landing attempt at Tal Calator led to hostile reactions from its inhabitants, the Calatorians. The Queckshiaulriaul could escape, but was damaged so that it could not return to Kirronia. Due to the damage, the spaceship was destroyed in a landing attempt at Jalan, but most of the crew escaped unharmed and made a new life at Jalan.

800 years later, the ship was rediscovered and part of the computer's database could be restored. The location of Kirronia is still unknown, but according to the recovered data, its continents are forested with huge trees, some of which are strong enough to serve as the base structure of spaceships.

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