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Kiric (pronouced Keer-ick. In full Kiric HeartWolf, also known as Alsaihn; born May 3, 1980) is a wolf therian who lives in Havertown, Pennsylvania, U.S.A [1]

Kiric's first encounter with therian communities dates to alt.horror.werewolves c.1996. Her first experiences with the furry fandom are much more recent, only dating from her move to Pennsylvania in 2007.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Kiric attended her first Anthrocon in 2008, and also attended in 2009. She was also an inaugural attendee of Omnicon in 2009 and co-hosts two Folf-B-Q's each Summer.

As of 2010, Kiric is a joint lead for the video game room at Anthrocon, along with her mate, turtyl.[1]

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