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Kiraneko is the fursona name of Keitorin (Caitlin), a furry artist.

KiraNeko means, in japanese, Cat of the Light.

Krow clan[edit]

In this picture, three cats show the power of three, two great things that are important to the Krows.

Krow clan, Creation of Caitlin (Kiraneko), Davie, her innocent cousin, and questioningly, Natalie, her aunt. They are a coven of witches, furs, and other beings that practice magick. Mostly they are wiccan. The head Krow, Kiraneko, is a young furry artist, who goes on this site, she is tudoring Davie about Furry


Current Krows:

  • Caitlin: Queen
  • Gin Gin Takara: Familiar Queen
  • Davie *meow*: spiritual Queen

Furs and People who are currently passing to be into the Krow:

  • Nofur.... :(


rakings from 1 and down, 1 being most important...

  1. Queen, Familiar Queen, Queen's Familiar
  2. King, Familiar King, King's Familiar
  3. Spiritual Queen, Familiar princess, Spiritual Queen's Familiar
  4. Spiritual King, Familiar prince, Spiritual King's Familiar
  5. Princess, Familiar princess, Princess's Familiar
  6. Prince, Familiar price, Prince's Familiar
  7. Voice women/girl, Voice Familiar(female), Voice's Familiar(female)
  8. Voice man/boy, Voice Familiar(male), Voice's Familiar(male)
  9. Krow, Familiar, other being
  10. NewKrow, NewFamiliar, NewBeing

How to join the coven[edit]

Talk to Caitlin and request to join. Be sure to tell her who you are, what kind of magick you practice (white or black), and basically just ramble on about yourself and why you would like to join. You can contact her at her Furaffinity account(checks daily) or at her old neopets account(checks weekly). No, Caitlin does not have a Email... sorry.

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