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Kiniro Oniba is a member of the roleplaying community who first got into forum-based roleplay in 2001 and was introduced to MUSHing in 2003 with Dragonriders of Pern games. She later played on Endless Round, followed by her time as a wizard on Kings and Vagabonds. Her roleplay focus has shifted recently from The Lion King to more generic fantasy. Upon breaking into the furry community she initially described herself as a "closet-case fursuiter" and joined Fur Affinity in early 2008.

Since then her attention has shifted away from roleplaying and more towards art of both the 2D and 3D kind. In mid-2008 she began getting into fursuit making, breaking into that aspect of the fandom with a partial of Mightyena that saw one use at an anime convention before being retired. As of 2009 she began actively taking fursuit commissions, and in 2010 she opened her fursuit making business, Wild Dog Horizons.

Her fursona, Kiniro, is a male African Wild Dog.

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