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Kiniel, as drawn by Tassy.

Kiniel (pron. KIN-ee-ul), is a furry socialite who lives in Massachusetts, USA.[1] He is particularly known for his affinity for Twitter #hashtags and for his strong support of the Boston Red Sox.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Kiniel joined the fandom in 2006, although was largely quiet and unknown until his adoption of Twitter as a social platform in 2010. He has since made a variety of friends whom he describes as "amazing," and he reportedly appreciates each and every one of them for putting up with his antics.


Kiniel's fursona is an American Shorthair cat with golden-brown fur and purple eyes.


Kiniel's fursuit was made by OMG Pineapples and debuted at Furfright in 2012. He is often seen wearing a Red Sox jersey with the number 52 and the name "Kiniel" on the back.

Convention attendance[edit]


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