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Kimouru Hasagara is a furry from Illinois who is known for his many faces in roleplay. He is usually an arctic wolf around age 15 or 16. He is the adopted younger of Lucien Godsline, though recently they have grown apart. Kimo tries to mend the rift he is sure he created but feels like giving up. Kimouru's human counterpart is named Nathan, born 1993, from Illinois.


A sort of recluse, Kimo, spends most of his time alone. He loves writing and thinks of himself as a child prodigy in the poetic arts. He keeps track of the names of his poems, such as "Evermore", "Azrael", and "My Dear Bellamore". Most of his poems are form a story about the main character, Raphael, and his lover, recently deceased, Bellamore. He is usually very sad and hardly fits in, though he prefers being alone, so noone can hurt him. He is constantly made fun of and doesn't talk much. The only thing he wants is to have someone to love that won't desert him when he is upset, though he feels this is pointless and has quit searching. He plans on going to a literary college to break the monotony of his usual boring life.

Common RP identities[edit]

  • One of Kimouru's more common RP identities is a nanomachine infested vampiric wolf who is being chased by the Army, due to the fact he is supposedly one of the original seven beings created. He runs along with his brother until recently when he shunned his brother's help and struck out on his own.
  • His second RP is a homunculus created by a woman after her lover's death in a war. He ended up in a rampage and killed her. After he realized what he had done, he formed a cold outer shell and preferred to be lonely.
  • Another RP is a rather young incubus. One of the things about him that sticks out are the two red comet markings, one going down each arm. He found the Runic language on his own and slowly taught himself how to use magic. He never went to school after the age of thirteen, for the other kids at school shunned him for growing wings, calling him "demon" or "monster". He gets emotional easily and has never had a very long-lasting relationship with anyone. His pastimes include helping others (when they don't shun his help), practicing the guitar, working on his vocals so he can sing, drawing, and writing dramas or love stories.
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