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beeps (also known as Kim Grey; previously known as Alexander Grey) is a transgender furry and brony best known for running meet ups and websites relating to the furry and My Little Pony fandoms.

beeps is alterhuman, agender and uses it/its pronouns.[1]

Furry fandom involvement[edit]

beeps joined the furry fandom in May 2006, having originally discovered the fandom in November 2005. It formally announced its departure from the fandom in July 2012[2], however returned under a new alias in May 2017. It had stated some months prior that its reason for leaving initially was because of receiving "a significantly higher dose of fandom toxicity than most other furries would" and that it was willing to give the furry fandom "a second chance."[3]

The Furtean Times[edit]

Main articles: The Furtean Times and Furry Media International

beeps founded The Furtean Times and associated group Furry Media International in January 2007, intending to create a free, online fanzine. The Furtean Times eventually evolved into a news and magazine oriented website under the name The site closed in November 2010 following an extended outage, with the majority of the service's content being archived on Flayrah.

The Furtean Times had some exposure outside of the furry fandom after appearing in the BBC News Online's article "Who are the furries?" beeps was additionally interviewed by The Guardian for a similar article, however this piece was never published.[3]


See also: MyFursona

beeps operated as head of design for MyFursona between December 2007 and April 2009, after impressing the site's staff with a conceptual redesign of the site. Joining only two months into the site's existence, it was involved in the site's early development and first redesign, and spearheaded the initial MyFursona Eden project to redevelop the service from scratch.

beeps eventually rejoined MyFursona in its previous role after the site closed for redevelopment.[4]

Conventions and furmeets[edit]

beeps was a frequent attendee NorthernFurs Manchester meets between 2007 and 2009, some of which it assisted in running or acted as a fursuit handler. It was also the co-organiser of the Manchester fatfur meets with Little Wolf and held numerous private house parties during this time. It currently attends BristolFurs meets.

beeps briefly visited the first ConFuzzled as a media representative when reporting for The Furtean Times. beeps later attended ConFuzzled 2010 as a residential attendee, again reporting first-hand on the charity auction record that was set there.[5] beeps later attended ConFuzzled 2023 over a decade later.

YouTube series[edit]

beeps was involved in the YouTube Furry War between July and August 2007 after posting a video response to an anti-furry troll. The YouTube Furry War series ended after 18 videos.

The Furry Guru debuted immediately afterwards as an alternative means to answer fandom-related questions without the backdrop of ongoing drama. The name of the series was derived from a YouTube feature that existed at the time where user accounts had to belong to a particular category, one of which was "guru." The Furry Guru received an overall better reception than its predecessor and was credited for welcoming new people to the fandom, notably Tamias, a long time fandom spectator. The series ended in March 2008 after 32 videos.


beeps was a moderator for The InflatioNation from June 2007 until the forums closed later the same year.

It became a WikiFur curator in June 2008.

beeps founded the Darn Blimps Minecraft server in February 2011 before selling it on in November 2012. It continues to maintain an archive of the server on a dedicated website.

In 2021, beeps created the UK Furs and Star Trek groups on barq. The latter group later expanded to include a Discord server, co-managed alongside Nacyle.

My Little Pony fandom involvement[edit]

beeps became involved in the brony fandom in June 2011.

It founded the Bristol Bronies (later merged with the Cardiff Bronies to form the Severn Bronies), in July 2012. The group holds socials and events in south west England and south Wales in a similar vein to furmeets.

The group was featured prominently in a cultural piece by the Bristol Post on April 9, 2014[6] and numerous BBC programmes—including Inside Out[7], the Jeremy Vine Radio 2 show[8] and Points West[9]—in October 2017, which garnered significant media coverage in itself.[10][11][12] beeps currently serves as the managing director of Severn Bronies Ltd.

It created, a placeholder image service for website developers.

beeps attended BUCK 2012 and 2014 and UK PonyCon in 2017.


beeps' fursona since 2017 is Emy (also known by the designation B47-R0 or simply as "robat"). Originally an organic Honduran white bat (Ectophylla alba), in 2020 the character was transformed into a robot. Originally intended to be a temporary change, the character's transformation became permanent in 2021.

In October 2022, beeps' headmate Olive became self-aware. Olive is represented as a living plush fursuit designed after an eastern fox squirrel (Sciurus niger).

In May 2023, beeps introduced a second fursona for itself: Ash, an amphimorpho.

Retired fursonas include Tori Belliachi—a folf used from 2006 to 2008—and Alexander Grey—a long-tongued fruit bat (Macroglossus sobrinus) used from 2008 until beeps' hiatus from the fandom in 2012.


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