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It's Leo (Kimba) and Lea (Kitty)!

Kimba the White Lion (ジャングル大帝, or Jungle Emperor Leo) is an anime based on the epic manga Jungle Taitei.

Names (US/Japan)[edit]

  • Kimba = Leo
  • Kitty = Lea
  • Caesar = Panja
  • Snowene = Eliza
  • Pauley = Coco
  • Bucky = Tomy

Sequel, Reboot, and Movies[edit]

Leo The Lion (ジャングル大帝・進めレオ, Onward Leo!) is the sequel to the original series, which is part of the original story that NBC did not want, so that Kimba would stay as a cub throughout the entire series. When it first aired in Japan, the series was sponsored by Sanyo as part of the Sanyo Color Theater.

The New Adventures of Kimba The White Lion (ジャングル大帝) is a TV reboot that goes in new directions, unrelated to the original story.

Jungle Emperor Leo is a 1997 theatrical movie that is based on the same portion of the original manga as the Leo the Lion TV series. In this movie, the original ending of the story is used, whereas Osamu Tezuka re-wrote the ending for the TV series.

Jungle Emperor: The Brave Can Change the Future is a 2009 TV movie that bears no resemblance to Tezuka's original stories other than re-using the white lion characters and a few others.

The Kimba/Simba Controversy[edit]

Kimba has been the subject of controversy in recent years. When The Lion King was released, people noted similarities in the plot to that of Kimba The White Lion, making people claim Disney stole from Tezuka's anime in addition to drawing inspiration from William Shakespeare's Hamlet. It is reasonably certain that Kimba was at least a strong influence on the team.

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