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Kim Arndt (also know as Sinyx) is a professional animator, cartoonist, and a former Yerf artist. Born in Queens, NY, USA. It was there that she would first encounter furry fandom, even joining FurryMUCK under her Sinyx alias, and having a shapeshifter fox as her fursona. She gained a BFA in animation from the New York's School of Visual Arts.

While being a Yerf artist, Kim Arndt worked on anthro art commissions, submitted to such publications as Anthrolations, and helped doing character designs [1] for such projects as The Adventures of Simion Lonewolf!.

As a professional artist, she has worked in such diverse companies as BlueSky Studios, Cartoon Network, Curious Pictures, DC Comics, Wizards of the Coast, Jumbo Pictures, Inc., MTV Animation, Nickelodeon, Nick Digital, and TNN, among others, working various illustration, animation, and comic projects.

Her present standing in relation with furry fandom is unknown.


She is the creator of the funny animal webcomic, MoonDog, listed at #14 on Buzzcomic's "Top 100 Top Anthropomorthic Comics."



  1. Kim's designs for "The Adventures of Simion Lonewolf!".

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