Kilroy Firelizard

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Kilroy Firelizard

Kilroy Firelizard (born 1983) is a firelizard based loosely off of the firelizards of Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series. He has multifaceted eyes that change colors according to mood, much like a mood ring[1]. He is roughly three feet in length, a third of that being tail. His wingspan is roughly the same. As of late, he has taken on a more Charizardish appearance [2], however it must be noted that he is not a Charizard, for he lacks the distinctive tail flame that all Charizards sport. He does however have a thick, smooth hide instead of the scales that most dragons and dragon-like creatures have.

His favorite hangouts include beaches, or anywhere with a view of a body of water, preferrably filled with fish, which comprises the majority of his diet. He'll eat just about anything, but prefers creatures of the sea, usually non-sentient. His absolute favorite food however would be crab. His sharp claws and teeth allow him easy access to the delicious meats inside the hard shells.

Kilroy has several other fursonas, but has rarely ever used them in any situation, and has little to nothing on them at all. This is his most widely known name. He can be found usually at Midwest Fur Fest in Schaumburg, IL nowadays as far as conventions go, for it is the closest and easiest to plan for. He'll sometimes be found at Conglomeration in Louisville, KY and even made an appearance during the second year of Morphicon in Columbus, OH. Currently he makes his home base in northeastern Wisconsin, but can be found traveling much of the eastern region of the States, since his job as a trucker always keeps him moving for weeks at a time.


  1. Color/Mood chart is partway down the page
  2. Very Charizardish look here, and shows off one of his moods

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