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Example of Kilcodo's Artwork

Kilcodo, nick-name Killy, (born October 1985) is an anthro artist, cartoonist and fursuit maker who lives in the South Florida area.

Fandom involvement[edit]

She has been involved in the Furry fandom since 1997, developing her fursona, Kilcodo (a magenta-haired, golden jackal), after befriending Huskie (Mayra Boyle) on FluffMUCK at the age of 13.

Kilcodo has been to many conventions since 2004, including Anthrocon, Califur, Furry Weekend Atlanta, Further Confusion, Megaplex and Mephit Furmeet. Has also attended Elliott's Live Events.


Kilcodo has a cartoony, loose style. She is not opposed to drawing adult artwork. She has been offering commissions for many years, but also draws a lot of art for herself and her friends. She has also published an adult comic ("The Sweater") with FurPlanet. She also has art published on Furry Artists Partnership art CDs volumes 5 and 6.

Besides her anthro art, Killy draws gag comics and cartoons, and is responsible for two web-comics prior to 2004, Plug Puppies and Harvey the Beaver. She continues to work on comics of a non-furry nature outside of the fandom, under a pen name. She also wrote, sang and recorded the Purple Pussy Theme Song for Dave Kelly.

Fursuit making[edit]

In addition to her art, Kilcodo makes full and partial fursuits. A link to her gallery is available below.

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