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Kiki Foxkitty

Kiki Foxkitty (formerly known as Keaton Foxkitty) is a diaperfur (October 30th, 1985, Metter, Georgia, U.S.A.), who enjoys travel, videogames, building computers and home theater systems, and restaurant dining. Kiki is also known to hang out near the Cub Conclave/Kit Estates/Pup Square sims of Second Life as well as Star of Fate, home of Misfit Cubs.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Kiki is the creator and maintainer of the DirtyFurs LiveJournal community and #dirtyfurs IRC channel on FurNet. She is also an active member of Savannimals, the local furry group in Savannah, GA. She also frequently plays Team Fortress 2 on both Southern Cross Gaming and The Furry Pound servers on Steam.

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