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KierinHyena, formerly known as Ryukaza and NeoWulf (real name Jesse; born in April of 1991, is a furry artist and writer babyfur/diaperfur from Wisconsin.

Fandom involvement[edit]

KierinHyena joined the fandom in April of 2008 as a dragon named Ryukaza, shortly after turning 17. His influence into the fandom is stated to be the Digimon franchise and the accidental stumbling upon Yiffstar. Not long after joining the fandom he dropped the Ryukaza alias and joined the Furnet IRC server as NeoWulf, changing his name once more later that year in October to KierinHyena.

He is an artist who is best known for his babyfur and diaperfur art on Fur Affinity, and is a regular on the IRC Furnet server's channels #babyfurs, #diaperfurs, #diaperlovers, #dirtyfurs, #furrydaycare, #hyenas, #leps_pad, #nowhere_grotto, and #HardcoreDiaperplay in which he is the channel owner, and has created a Livejournal group for. [1]



Kierin is an albino spotted hyena with white fur, blue tinted light gray hand and feet paws, pink eyes and nose, and dark blue hair/tailtip (his cub form has light blue hair). His age ranges from the age of 3 1/2 to 21 depending on factors like setting and Kierin's current mood. Kierin, regardless of being in cub form or adult, has a tendency to be diapered at all times.

As for the name origin, KierinHyena stated:

I was sitting around in my bedroom, trying to think of a good name for my new hyena fursona and I was tapped for ideas, that's when I noticed a package of Keebler Chocolate Chip and m&m cookies sitting on my dresser. I have a friend in real life named Kieran that I used to call Keebler in highschool because he came over stoned once and ate ALL of my Keebler cookies within minutes, that's when the name "Kierin Hyena" was born, I tried it, and it just kinda stuck

Convention attendance[edit]


Kierin joined Fur Affinity on May 17, 2008 under the alias Ryukaza, but later moved his page to KierinHyena on April 23, 2009. His stated influences and inspiration come from other babyfur and diaperfur artists such as OzzyFox, Fangkit, babylevithan, Padfoot_Sqaurepants, CrackaJackin, and Forg0ttenSouL.


Kierin began roleplaying in Digimon fan forums, but was often k-lined due to bad grammar and writing skills. In mid 2008 he wrote two dragon yiff stories; and posted them to Yiffstar, but later removed them in 2009 because of his un-satisfication with them due to his harsh improvement in writing.

In 2009 he wrote his diaperfur themed short story titled A New Life[2] which showed much improvement in his writing abilities and garnered positive critique and comments from friends,[citation needed] as well as fans.[3] He is currently debating the finish and release of a second chapter, and has since then released a much shorter lighthearted babyfur story that takes place in a daycare setting, stating it may become a series of short stories that will follow a Rugratz babyfur themed style.

His stated influence is Stephen King, he said that he improved his style of writing by analyzing King's own style and execution while he was on his King binge in 2009.


Aside from drawing and writing, Kierin is also very fond of playing guitar, listening to music, skateboarding, watching anime, reading books and manga, chatting and roleplaying on Instant messaging, surfing the web, playing video games, watching movies (mostly Horror, Asian Horror to be precise), filming, ghost hunting and the paranormal, UFOs, numerology, and conspiracy theories.


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