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KieferSkunk (born January 1977) is a member of the furry fandom. He lives in the Seattle, Washington region, and is married in real life to Firebringer.


Kiefer, as his full alias suggests, is an average striped skunk. The character first started out as a realistic kangaroo, but eventually evolved into more of a cartoon-character personality. In late 2001, he officially became a skunk in order to better reflect his player's changing personality and interests. (This decision was based partially on becoming a member of a DDR-themed bulletin board, where an account with the name "Kiefer" already existed.)

Prior to the creation of the kangaroo character, Kiefer was known as Dorsola the Dolphin, a cybernetically enhanced dolphin with telepathic and telekinetic capabilities. In real life, Kiefer is a software development engineer. In his spare time, he enjoys caring for his cats, playing video games, programming, playing and composing music, and drawing.


All Fur Fun[edit]

KieferSkunk was the head of registration for All Fur Fun. He was also the primary developer of the convention's website, and ran a few panels at the convention.

Sabrina Online Mirror Archive[edit]

Kiefer's website served as an official mirror archive of the Sabrina Online web comic by Eric W. Schwartz, as well as for several fan-fiction series based on the comic. The mirrors were discontinued in 2008, and his website went offline (the domain lapsed) in 2011.

Video Game and Pinball Emulation[edit]

Mostly under the name Dorsola, Kiefer took part in the video-game emulation and pinball simulation communities as a reviewer and contributor. He reviewed more than sixty classic games for the website JoseQ's EmuViews until the website became inactive in February 2003.

In the Visual Pinball/VPinMAME community, Kiefer contributed to the design, layout and scripting of more than two dozen pinball table simulations. Additionally, he created several accurate physics simulators for use in pinball simulations, including several captive-ball systems, a table magnet, a turntable, and the "Turbo Lock" for the Indianapolis 500 table.

Descent community[edit]

Also as Dorsola, Kiefer was an active participant in the "old school" Descent community, centered around the popular 3D shooter game. In 1997, a driver developer for 3DFX (now part of NVIDIA) enlisted Kiefer as a beta-tester for his unofficial D2_3DFX project, which allowed Descent II to run on early 3DFX-based 3D accelerators. Kiefer later contributed an online FAQ for this program and was long considered the authority on its technical issues.

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