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Kichigai Kitsune is a writer who lives in Australia. He sometimes goes by or is referred to as Kichi. His projects are primarily erotic novels and short-stories featuring predominantly male cub interactions, but there are several exceptions. Most stories uploaded by Kichigai Kitsune are consensual, coming-of-age tales, with a focus on exploring youth and youthful sexuality, from the perspective of the young characters. Despite being based in Australia, many of his stories are set in the United States of America.

He is notoriously slow to upload new material, citing motivation issues and real-life distractions.


As of this writing, Kichigai has several major projects in progress, and several completed projects. He prefers to release substantial, plot-and-character driven stories, and contends that erotic scenes need not detract from the characters, story or message. These summaries deliberately avoid spoilers.

Tai's Story is a completed romantic/erotic furry novel centering on two pre-teen male foxes, who come to rely on one another for emotional support when their lives are turned upside down by events set in motion before their births. It is heavy on romance and erotic scenes, as well as action and character development, with an unconventional twist.

Astray is a full-length novel in progress, centering around a tween cheetah boy who, after a lifetime of abuse and living on the streets, was sent by a corrupt judge to a "troubled teen" facility. A progressive social worker/psychologist presses the kit into a controversial experiment wherein he is removed from the facility and allowed to live with an adult, bachelor cheetah, which eventually pushes all involved to analyse their mindsets and motives, face their pasts, and struggle to make the right decisions for everyone involved. Light on the eroticism, particularly in the early chapters, there is nonetheless a few scenes and several implied incidents.

Kichi also writes a variety of short stories. They are usually more focused on eroticism, but nonetheless are still heavy on plot and character development. Exceptions exist, as the author has openly admitted that more "pornographic" stories garner more interest and increase his outreach, having once said that readers may "come for the porn, stay for the plot." For example, Not Much Happens is a playfully erotic, coming-of-age short story about two boys in rural Australia who come to admit and explore their attraction and affection for one another while camping, and passes commentary on the anti-gay sentiment the author noted while growing up, and how young boys are frequently confused and repressed as a result, a common theme throughout his work.

An abandoned story, named Salon du Yiff centers on a BDSM dungeon for cubs, its staff and regular visitors. Featuring significantly more explicitly pornographic scenes than most of the author's works, "SdY" was still a story-heavy project, but was used to explore more extreme kinks and help attract a wider audience. Citing a desire to focus on other projects, Kichi suspended "SdY". He has stated he is considering posting an updated version of the story so far, but is unsure if he will continue it.

Frequently appearing kinks and themes in Kichi's stories include: romance, partnership, tickling, light bondage and overstimulation. His characters are frequently athletic and have active hobbies, reflecting the author's views on maintaining an active lifestyle without sacrificing intellectual pursuit, and providing a reason for the characters' physiques.

Kichi abhors art or stories that present cubs as objects, portrays rape or abuse as positive, or demean youths (human or furry) in any way, and avoids doing so in his stories.


Kichigai Kitsune is a vocal youth-rights advocate, and a moderate libertarian in general politics[1]. He typically promotes these views in the vast number of journals he uploads regularly to his small audience, and they are frequently major themes in his stories. His views and stories are pro-youth, and his stories are admittedly an attempt to spread these views and challenge anti-youth/children perspectives in the community at large.

He has promoted philosophies and methods such as the parenting-guidelines of Taking Children Seriously, unschooling and homeschooling. He strongly opposes corporal punishment and the employment of any discipline measure on children and teenagers that is banned for use against felons, or has been determined to be deleterious by the majority of psychologists and paediatricians.

He is an extremely vehement opponent of abusive "troubled teen" treatment facilities, wildlife camps, ranches and similar institutions for teens and children, and pushes for awareness and regulation of these facilities and the realities of their nature. He supports CAFETY, HEAL, ASTART, the National Youth Rights Association, and other groups with similar goals, but, due to the nature of his furry writing, does not wish to be directly associated with them.

Kichi is pro-LGBT rights in a broad sense, and has objected to the mainstream portrayal (or lack thereof) of young LGBT characters, and the lack of positive or applicable role-models for young LGBT persons. He has stated in the past that his goal is to present positive, relatable characters for LGBT youths, particularly young bi/homosexual males who don't identify with effeminate stereotypes.

Due to the large number of opinionated journals and essays Kichi has uploaded on various sites, his stances on many issues are publicly known. For example, he is openly in favor of electronic privacy and open source software, and opposes religion in government. He is also most definitely anti-prudery, and frequently questions conservative views on nudity and sexuality.


Kichi rarely concerns himself with fursonas or interacting with the furry community at large, and there are very few references to or images of his fursona, simply named "Kichi." Kichi is a yellow-furred kitsune with three tails and a penchant for going shirtless[2]. Other than this, the fursona is vaguely defined. An F-List exists for the character here.

Active Websites[edit]

Kichi has been a contributor to CubCentral since approximately 2003, and FurAffinity since 2006. However, he is no longer active on those websites. In 2015, he updated his FurAffinity page and profile with the following information:

Kichigai Kitsune
Hi folks! Just a reminder that, due to the AUP change in 2010, I am no longer active on this site. Furthermore, ALL stories on this site are EXTREMELY out of date and are at best draft-versions of what is available on other sites. I don't post here any longer.
Kichigai Kitsune

Kichigai Kitsune is mostly active on Inkbunny, and sometimes makes uploads to SoFurry.

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