Kevin and Kell

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Kevin and Kell
Author(s) Bill Holbrook
Update schedule Varied
Launch date September 1995
Genre Slice of life
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Kevin and Kell is a daily web comic strip created by Bill Holbrook staring a cast of anthropomorphic characters.

Kevin and Kell is a comic based around Kevin and Kell Dewclaw, a married couple consisting of a rabbit and wolf, respectively, who have a son, Rudy, and two daughters, Lindesfarne and Coney. Kevin runs an ISP out of his house, and most storylines revolve around slice-of-life situations that often play off of the fact that all of the characters are animals.

Kevin and Kell was voted Best Anthropomorphic Comic Strip in the 2003 Ursa Major Awards. A role-playing game based on the comic exists.



Kevin suggests an alternative source of energy to Kell

Secondary characters[edit]

  • Fenton - Bat, Lindesfarne's husband
  • Fiona - Red-Fennec Fox hybrid, Rudy's girlfriend
  • Bruno - Wolf, Rudy's friend
  • Corrie - Sheep-Wolf hybrid, Bruno's girlfriend and Rudy's cousin
  • Ralph - Kell's brother and Corrie's father

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Kevin and Kell by Bill Holbrook
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