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Josh Hoffman
Kero The Wolf with his fursuit head
Kero The Wolf
Kero The Wolf 2.0
Kero The Wolf Fan Club Art (by ArtworkTee)

Kero The Wolf (real name Josh Hoffman),[citation needed] is a former fursuiter and YouTuber who lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.[1]



Kero was known for making advice videos for other furries as well as vlogs and livestreams.

Rise to fame[edit]

In 2017, a friend of Kero by the name of Ashley Zoe Fox talked to the popular YouTuber Shane Dawson, and convinced him to ask Kero to interview him about the furry fandom.[4] Shane later uploaded the video which was called WEIRD SIDE OF YOUTUBE: FURRIES on July 6, 2017.[5] Kero went from having 10,000 subscribers to 90,000 as a result of the video. He later hit 100,000 subscribers in early 2018.[6]


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In September 2018, Telegram chat logs circulated online which appeared to show Kero discussing acts of bestiality[citation needed] and necrophilia[citation needed] with animals, and videos[citation needed] which are claimed to be Kero committing such acts.

Kero disputed the claims on the grounds that several of the features of those in the videos do not match Kero,[7] however, the user IDs of the Telegram chat logs appear to match those of Kero's real account, which include pictures of Kero in sexual situations with his dog,[citation needed] and a dead fox supposedly found on the road.[8]. Kero variously claimed that his account was hacked,[9] or that the logs were faked, though the latter not technically possible since the logs have been forwarded through Telegram's own back-end server information.

On September 28, 2018, Kothorix uploaded a YouTube video claiming that he personally confronted Kero, with who he had previously conversed, about the veracity of the logs.[10] In the video, Kothorix claims that Kero admitted to him that the logs were real, and that "he does have an interest in some aspects of zoophilia."[10](timestamp 7:58) He went on to say the Kero denied engaging in any actual, physical animal sex acts.

Kero repeats this claim in a video interview with Ashley Zoe Fox, uploaded the same day,[11] saying, "I have never had sex with any animals." In this second video, Kero reiterates his assertion that his Telegram account was hacked, adding that he later lost control of the account due to this and that a previous screenshot he had posted of an account he still had access to was fake, "found on the Internet." He claimed the logs were only "five percent" true. He said that he had, in fact, joined a chat group for feral artwork, through which he befriended Nelizar/Snake-Thing, another individual implicated in the logs who was later arrested in real life, and that he ultimately stopped speaking with this individual because he was made uncomfortable. Despite the contradictions between Kothorix's video and Ashley's, Kero retweeted a link to Kothorix's video and called it accurate.[citation needed]


Along with other people[who?] identified in the chat logs, the evidence against Kero was submitted to the authorities. In a tweet thread posted on November 8, 2018, Kero revealed he was under police investigation,[12] stating that he is taking the situation seriously and apologizing for causing the furry fandom "trouble"[12]

On January 30, 2019, Kero put out a tweet after a two-month absence in which he stated that he's leaving the fandom, citing "toxic mindsets" and "witch hunts" against members of the community.[13]

Around June 2019, Kero sold his third fursuit to a fan of his by the name of Diamond Dwolf, who said they would wear it at Anthrocon 2019. It is unknown if they went through with their decision or not. The fate of his other two fursuits are currently unknown although it's likely Kero still possesses them.

During Anthrocon 2019, it was reported that Kero was in attendance, leading to speculation that the sale of his fursuit was a ruse so that Kero himself could walk around in it.[14] At that same convention, it was discovered that someone was going around wearing Kero's second fursuit.[15] On July 20, 2019 LordOcelet a non furry who is friends with Kero in real life uploaded a video which confirmed that it was him in Kero's fursuit. According to Ashley Zoe Fox who also attended the con, it was done as a "social experiment" to see if furries there would care or not.[16]


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