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KeoniPhoenix (or Keoni for short), born on April 7, 1983 in Phoenix, Arizona is a single gay furry.

An avid fan of Nintendo, he joined the message board in 2000 and attempted to write fan-fiction based on the Star Fox series of video games. In 2001, he officially adopted the fursona of KeoniPhoenix, as a Peregrine Falcon. The name Keoni is Hawaiian for John.

In 2004, he moved from Phoenix, Arizona to Buffalo, New York to support his then mate who was attending the State University of New York at Buffalo between 2004-2008. He was mated to Czar Wolfhound between October 21, 2001 to 2008. In 2009, he moved to the Town of Tonawanda.

He has a very deep interest in politics and the Constitution. Originally registered to vote in the State of Arizona as a Republican, he changed his political leanings to Libertarian, ultimately registering in the State of New York as a Libertarian.

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