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Ken Sample
Real name Kenneth Sample
Other names Ken Coug'r, Coug'r
Profession or hobby Artist, illustrator
Character species Cougar
Ken Sample's Fursona.

Ken Sample (full Kenneth Sample), also known as Ken Coug'r or just Coug'r, is a furry artist and former Rowrbrazzler who lives in California, USA, along with his wife Lisa Sample.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Ken started drawing furries, or as he termed them, Exotics, in 1975.[1] Although he is somewhat reclusive, his extensive body of work is readily available in the form of folio, online and CD collections.

Furry macrophilia[edit]

Sample became one of the founders, and the best-known artists, of the macrophile genre, as well as a co-founder and regular contributor to the A.P.A. MegaMorphics. He also contributed character designs to Sean McGuinness's Kaiju Girls, a set of female characters based on japanese giant movie monsters.

Artistic influence[edit]

Ken's early furry artistic influence included anthropomorphic catgirls showcased on mainstream television animation of the time, including the animated Star Trek's Caitian officer M'Ress, Filmation's The Secret Lives of Waldo Kitty, and 'Napoleon from Richard S. Meyers (aka Ric Meyers)'s science fiction novel Doomstar.

Initially, though, his first influences had been mainstream superhero comics, and his style of furry drawing reflects these beginnings, featuring athletic figures with smoothly detailed musculature, and finished with crisp inks.

He was one of two illustrators for Other Suns, a science fiction roleplaying game,[1] and currently works with 3D artwork and animation, as well as experimenting with Adobe's Flash animation. His drawing platform is an Apple iPad.

Characters and species[edit]

During the 1980s Ken created a large number of species designs, including the felinsect, femaline, silkie, and tigrant. His Genetitech characters from this era exist in an informal shared universe with Rod O'Riley's Fur le Dance characters and Mark Merlino's recoms.


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