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Kenket, also known as Tess Garman, is an artist and convention-goer. Her fursona is a raven,[1] and her artwork often depicts ravens, tigers, coyotes and dogs. She used to work in collaboration with BlackTeagan under the name Blotch, and is a freelance illustrator.

Kenket's work has appeared in Cricket magazine, several regional publications, the TV show Stacked, and been used as the basis for DVD menus. She helped put together The Bestiary Card Deck, worked on the Kennel Club deck as well as the Wish You Were Here calendar.

Before moving to California to be with her now ex-husband, Gatcat, she lived in England. After California, she lived with Kyoht and Gre7g in Utah and for a very short while in Washington. She has lived in Colorado with BlackTeagan since 2006.

Kenket was a guest of honor for Midwest FurFest 2005. She and BlackTeagan, as Blotch, were Guests of Honor at FA:United in August 2007, Oklacon 2007, and Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2008.

In 2007, Sofawolf Press produced an art book of Kenket's sketches in their line of Artistic Visions books.


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