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Portrait of Shaterri, a Keshant foxtaur.
Garetta music makers. Art by Roy D. Pounds II

Foxtaurs are fictitious fantasy liminal beings, composed of the upper torso of an anthropomorphic fox, attached to the withers of a full bodied, feral fox.

The principle of the anatomy composition are the same as with centaurs, the main difference is the exact biological traits and organ compositions of a single species, Vulpes vulpes, in both halves.

History and origin[edit]

Foxtaurs are thought to originate from the Fuxes of Medea: Harlan's World,[citation needed] a compendium of shared-world science fiction tales published in 1985, collecting material previously published in various SF periodicals between 1978 and 1984.

The shared-world project was led by Harlan Ellison, with Larry Niven developing the biology of the species (including fuxes), depicted therein.

Foxtaurs and furry[edit]

Foxtaurs are one of the most traditional taur variants within the furry fandom.[citation needed]

Furry foxtaur species[edit]


Garettas (created by Roy D. Pounds II), are a genetically engineered foxtaur species based on grey foxes, created to replace human colonists stricken by a fatal epidemic. Their purpose was to explore and terraform the world of Tanador in preparation for the humans. These have never come, and instead the Garetta, a name corrupted from the name of the colony ship, the Greta Lyn, came to make the world their home.

Garetta technology has degenerated into a mixture of old artifacts and mysticism. They have divided into tribes that originated from their specialties: Comm-Sa, Seccu, Navvi, Teccu, Eengi, and the Aireal tribes.


Kendarii (created by Michael Higgs), are genetic constructs, created to take the place of the doomed human race after biological warfare in the late 22nd century caused sterility in all humans.

Kendarii are roughly fox sized, typically standing 2½ feet (0.76 m) tall and weighing 90 pounds (41 kg). Lungs and the primary stomach are in the upper torso. Heart, liver, kidneys, a secondary stomach and intestines are in the lower torso. They lack a navel. Their eyes are slitted like a fox and whiskers are present. Kendarii retain their canine teeth, and due to their dual stomach system can digest small bones, hair and feathers. They have five-fingered hands with non-retractile claws.

They bear no more than two "kittens" at a time, and gestate for five months. They are physically mature at age thirteen, and live about fifty years. Breasts are located on the upper torso, with the nipples buried under the pelt.


Keshantii (singular Keshant; created by ?), are a alien species of horse-sized foxtaurs. Their resemblance to terrestrial red foxes may possibly be a result of "seeding" by unknown agency in the distant past.

Their homeworld is isolated and highly agrarian, with only a single, little-trafficked off-world trade port.

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