Kendareru NekoSama

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Kendareru as drawn by himself

Kendareru is a male calico cat who works as a waiter at The Swinging Apes Club (a fictional bar in the webcomic and stories). He was born March 15, 1986, and tends to be a bit timid at first, but warms up to people quickly most of the time. His best friend is a mutt by the name of Isamu Yan, and they have never had a boring day yet. Kendareru is a bit accident-prone, and can never seem to stay out of trouble for very long.

Working at The Swinging Apes, he tends to be a bit abused. Customers are always trying to feel him up, or pull him into their laps as he walks by, and numerous times he has been jumped on his way home. He is bisexual, and tends to be a bit flamboyant at times.


  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 155lbs
  • Waistline: 29"
  • Shoe Size: 11 mens
  • Blood Type: O+
  • Hair/Fur: Light Calico
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Favorite Color: Green
  • Favorite Food: Sushi
  • Hobbies: Reading, hacking, singing, taking things apart, trying to put things together, hanging out with his friends, writing, drawing.
  • Work uniform: White tuxedo shirt, blue dress shorts, black suspenders, red bowtie, black dress shoes and socks


Kendareru is the fursona of Kendall Boyer, and one of the main characters of the webcomic Fur-Load of Trouble.