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Ken Pick (complete name: Kenneth Pick. Born November 24, 1955) a writer, a former furry artist, a former member of the Burned Furs and God's Creatures, and a senior computer programmer who lives in lives in Southern California, USA.


In furry art, Ken Pick is best known for his anthropomorphic foxes, unicorns, and rabbits characters, though his favorite species run more along the lines of felines and mustelids, and portraits of retro-glam female furries, all of them non-sexual in nature.

Though sometimes drawing himself as a skunk with glasses, he could never settle on a fan name and just uses his own real one. Ken Pick proclaims that he became a furry artist and writer "to stay sane". [citation needed]


Ken has stopped his furry art to concentrate on writing; he has published a number of stories and articles about the WebFed Universe in Yarf, background essays on Ken Fletcher's Spontoon Island, collaborating with Heavy Horse and Chris Litzau ,and editing some of Eric Hinkle's furry sword-and-sorcery[clarify] as well as (slowly) continuing work on the WebFed Universe|WebFed

Ken worked on a tabletop role-playing game for his Wormholes shared universe with Dave Bryant during the mid to late 1980's.[citation needed] The setting and history were very well written,[clarify] but project was never completed due too not having suitable system mechanics.[clarify][citation needed] The game was originally to be submitted to Tri Tac Games for possible publication.[citation needed]

Ken has also done a lot writing for his favorite science fiction rpg Traveller (science fiction adventure in the far future). It was the first science fiction rpg that was introduced to in 1977 by Wayne Shaw. Ken has written an extensive collection of articles on Freelance Traveller that include his early campaigns, starship designs and host of other articles. Some of his articles were published in Challenge magazine which long since ceased publication.


Ken Pick enjoys pencil/paper/funny-dice role-playing games, science fiction, military history, Catholic theology, Sixties/Eighties music, Sixties muscle cars, and "recreational thinking".[clarify] He is often seen at conventions.

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