Kemono Densetsu

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Kemono Densetsu is an English-language webcomic written by Amaku Yamayoshi beginning November 2008. It is updated on Mondays.


The worst feared sin has been commited, an angel had a hybrid son with a demon. For that sin, King Beelzebub cursed all the angels with the mark of death, gods and angels are no longer inmortal.

The comic mostly surrounds Tamaki, the prince of the heavens, who comes to earth to find out about love, friendship and sadness among other, earthly furs as he searches for the demon who has King Beelzebub`s seal inside him to break the curse. He is guided in his quest by his friends, a Rabbit, two twin foxes, a boar and a wolf.


  • Ankoku Tamaki : Prince of heavens who took an earthly form to search for the seal of Beelzebub and break the curse.
  • Castilla Jc : A rabbit who runs a not so famous bar at the middle of the desert. Masaru, Tamaki`s guardian gave him the strongness power to guide Tamaki trough the earth.
  • Junsaku Kitsune : Twin brother of Ookami, an ex militar who was exiled from the militar squad for being way too pervert and drunk.
  • Junsaku Ookami : Kitsune`s twin brother. An angeologist who has the diary of Dionycius, an almost complete record of all demons and angels.
  • Takehiro Inoshishi : An ex-pirate who works as a fisherman, his boat`s engine is totally broken and he can`t go into the sea anymore.
  • Noritaka Kohaku : The biggest pop idol of the moment. He is tired of his life as a singer and joins Tamaki in his adventure.

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