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Kelchan Ansar is a furry who resides in Arlington, Texas, U.S.A.


Kelchan's fursona, also called Kel by his friends, is an anthro Black-Footed Ferret, an endangered species of ferret in North America. He is 20 years old and stands at six feet. He has normal Black-footed Ferret markings (brown fur, with black paws and mask around his eyes), with the exception of a patch of blue fur on his chest.

Kelchan also has a feral form, with the same colorings as his anthro form. In either form, when Kelchan holds his paw to the blue patch of fur, he can shift between his anthro and feral states.

Real life[edit]

Kelchan's real name is Jason Brown. He is a courier driver for the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metro area. He spends his time off of work in front of his computer or his Xbox 360, playing with his friends, or working out at the nearby gym.

Second Life[edit]

Kelchan can be found on Second Life as "Kelchan Ansar", usually in the late evenings, Central time. He usually plays as a river otter on the grid. He hangs out with his roommates and performs at a dance club late in the day.

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