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Keeshanic Fox aka Keesh is a fursuiter from Wisconsin, U.S.A. His main fursona is a gold color morph red fox.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Keesh's first furry convention was Midwest FurFest 2006. Since then he has attended Morphicon 2007, Furconsin 2007, Midwest Furfest 2007, Further Confusion 2008, Furry Weekend Atlanta 2008, Furconsin 2008, Midwest Furfest 2008, Further Confusion 2009, Furry Connection North 2009, Anthrocon 2009, Furconsin 2009, and Midwest Furfest 2009, Further Confusion 2010, Furry Connection North 2010, IndyFurCon 2010, Furconsin 2010, and Midwest Furfest 2010.


He received his first commissioned fursuit, a partial of his fursona, from Joecifur in May 2007, and debuted it at Morphicon 2007. A full fursuit version of his fursona was completed April 2009. The bodysuit and paws were done by BladeSpark, whereas the head and tail were done by FurrHappens.

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