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Keero Firefly.
Keero's fursuit.

Keero Firefly (born June 19),[1] also known as Keero Haupt, is a fursuiter whose character is a ferret-bat hybrid.


Keero is an avid reader and writer, and presents himself with alacrity to all the other furries he meets.


Most of Keero's fursuit was made by Rebecca Sharpe. One part of his suit that seems to attract the most attention are his paws, which people seem to overly love.[citation needed]


Keero has attended Fur Squared and Motor City Furry Con.

Real life[edit]

In real life, Keero works as a librarian and attends the University of Wisconsin–Madison (in Madison, Wisconsin, United States) as a junior, majoring in Psychology and Finance, Investment, and Banking.


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