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Lt. Knight (born April 12) is a Fox-Wolf hybrid (Folf) fursuiter who lives in the United States. His fursuit was made by Dont Hug Cacti. He is known for fursuiting as a Zootopia Police Department (ZPD) officer. He has a strong interest in law enforcement and hopes to become a police officer. He also fursuits as a Zootopia Sheriff’s Office (ZSO) Deputy. He joined the fandom in 2015, and his DHC fursuit was commissioned in 2017. He became a ZPD officer that same year. Knight is known for enforcing the ‘no awooing’ law, and will not hesitate to 'arrest' anyone who has committed an awoo violation. He enjoys going to conventions, his first being Anthrocon 2016. As of 2019, he has been to 10+ cons since. He enjoys collecting police patches, exercising, reading, roleplaying and anything related to law enforcement or police.


  • Lt. Knight, a fox-wolf hybrid, his first fursona. Created in November 2015, it exists in suit form. The first fursuit was made by MissFleeceFurs, and the second one made by Don’t Hug Cacti.
  • Ryker, his second fursona, a German Shepherd. He is based on his real pet German Shepherd Dog. He plans to commission an artistic liberty fursuit of Ryker in the future.

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