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Kay Fedewa (also known as Zebrafox and Swiftkill) is an artist residing in Michigan, USA. She works for Stardock as a video game artist in Plymouth. Her fursona is a zebra/fox hybrid.

In 2007 Kay partnered with Erin Siegel and formed Arrowtooth Studios. Together they published a graphic novel, The Blackblood Alliance.

Inspired by the filmmaker Don Bluth, and by books like White Fang, Kay began drawing at a very young age with a desire to become an animator. In middle school she developed the storyline and characters for an animated movie she called The Blackblood Alliance. She attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor after highschool, where she studied Fine Art for two years and discovered that The Blackblood Alliance story could be realized in the form of a graphic novel.

Kay has attended Anthrocon 2007-9, Midwest FurFest 2007-9, and Furry Connection North 2008-9 as her pink non-anthro hybrid fox/zebra character, Kiki. She's currently[when?] taking a break from attending conventions.

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