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Kaworu (also known as Kaw, Arael8879, and Mr0) is a furry writer and artist who lives in Italy. He specializes in macrophilia.

Kaworu's fursona is a sizeshifter wolf. He is kind and gentle, but he can become very dangerous when annoyed. His distinguishing features are a gold chain necklace, a green anklet, ruby-red eyes, and silver fur. He also loves drooling and having many friends around him. He can shift his size from 1 inch to almost 800 feet(almost 240 m) Despite his appearence,Kaworu is a nice and big wuff that always search someone to hug and protect. Just be sure he's not annoyed. Things get dangerous in no time.

Currently Kaworu is searching a job,while continuing his cycle of works,based upon tame macrophile themes. His art is prevalently pencil and inks.

He is a really good friend of Sparky_the_Chu and Azura_The_Fox and he acknowledges his interest into macrophilia ,just to be loved and protected.

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