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Kawazu Awazili is a roaming furry musician from Georgia, U.S.A. His fursona is a blue raccoon. He is a fiercely devout tribalist; the blue raccoon has an ongoing grudge against what he considers "civilization's fabricated culture of taking".


He performed in the variety show at Further Confusion 2007 with a band including Ian Fox and Summer Jackal. His first official con performance was at Rocket City FurMeet in 2010. His rampant drumming has also made many unofficial appearances at Furry Weekend Atlanta, Rocket City FurMeet and Mephit Fur Meet.

Kawazuawazili kawazulive9.jpg

His first music compilation, "Blue Moon Raccoon", was recorded in Sound of Sirens Studio in 2007. The thirty tracks included on the album range from every different genre of music including metal, tribal drumming, bass jams, rap, bluegrass, techno rock, folk and lots of experimental songs in between. Recording engineer Brody Catsmouth can be heard singing on "Don't Put Your Thing On Her" and also did backing vocals on the rap song "LOL Furs". Five tracks from the album were recorded in a small apartment-based studio in Rockmart, Georgia.

"Traveling Bandit Minstrel", Kawazu's second solo album, was recorded over the course of five days in mid-January of 2008 in Sound of Sirens Studio. This album is said to showcase a lot more of his personality, for immense proportions of heart was put into the twenty tracks within. From the upbeat, subtly dark folk-inspired title track of the album to the alien-esque rock song "Twenty Solar Orbits", fragments of the raccoon's twisted mind can be heard at any point within. He has also explored the spectrum of techno metal, blues, punk, Native American ceremonial rhythm and rockabilly with this new release.

Stranded playing gigs in northwestern Georgia now, he looks forward to the future with an unshakable optimistic disposition. Though financially drained most of the time, this has never stopped him from getting where he needs to go.

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