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Kawa Uzuki, also known as "Key", is a character appearing in Blue Forest by K. M. Hirosaki. He is a fox who lives in the city of Blue Forest, where he earns his living as a prostitute.

Neither Kawa nor Key are his real name; the former is an alias that he has used with very few people, including Mohro Jiang and Jason Nienau, and the latter is a street-tag that he uses in his line of work as a prostitute. His real name is currently unknown, as is much of his past. A conversation that he had with Dijit Chicory, however, indicates that he possibly has at least one sibling.

There has been an on-again, off-again romantic relationship between Kawa and Mohro. This relationship ended for a time when Kawa left Blue Forest for reasons unknown, but was rekindled for a time after he returned. The two were living together for a time, but Kawa walked out on Mohro after an argument centered around their relationship.

Kawa apparently earns a good deal of money by accepting money for sex, and much of his "business" seems to be based out of Spinning Disk and other nearby locations. One notable job involved him participating in a test for the Duhamel Corporation, centering on the use of a neural restraint collar. This test was interrupted by an attack by the Blue Forest Police, and in the aftermath, Kawa was left in a very vulnerable psychological state.

At the time of the current Blue Forest storyline, Kawa is 19 years old.

Blue Forest by K.M. Hirosaki