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Kavin Magius (born January 26th, 1977) is a furry who is located in Edgewood, Maryland, United States. His fursona is a Silver Fox / Maned Wolf Hybrid.

Kavin was born in Baltimore in 1977 in Middle River, Maryland. At age 5 he gained access to his first computer which was a TI99-4/a computer. At age 8 he began learning to program the TI99-4/a computer in TI Extended Basic. At that time many computer games could be found in the form of code. Kavin had access to Compute! magazine where he would practice coding using the example games portrayed in the magazine.

At age 12 Kavin gained access to a Commodore 64 computer. Using a combination of Commodore Basic and Rudimentary Assembly he wrote his the first small game of his own. The game did not have a title and was mostly an excessive in writing an RPG Style battle engine and 1st person movement system.

At age 14 Kavin gained access to his first PC. A 386sx computer with 2MB of memory running DOS and Windows 3.1. Kavin successfully ported his game engine from the c64 to the PC soon after. His language of choice at the time was QuickBasic 4.5 for dos. The game had the same monsters and function that the c64 did. It was a silly exercise simply to learn QuickBasic.

At age 16 Kavin had finally purchased his own 286 PC. He started using BBS systems and discovered the Demo Scene. During this time he started researching Music Tracking programs that were in use by composers on the Demo Scene. He was inspired by musicians such as Purple Motion, Skaven, and Necros to begin writing his own music. He was also inspired by demos like Second Reality by Future Crew to expand his knowledge of programming.

By age 18 Kavin had fully joined the scene. He started Writing music with Scream Tracker 3 and had written one turn based battle game called "Collesium of the Ancient Warriors" This game had 2 players fight each other in a turn based RPG like setting where the winner would earn money to upgrade their fighter. Kavin also wrote music for this game. The game was never officially released as it was lost in a hard disk failure before the advent of cheap backup solutions. Kavin had his own 386DX/40 PC at this point.

Kavin started working on demos around this time. He released several demos. One demo was titled "The Death of the Energizer Bunny" this was when every other commercial on TV seemed to be the energizer bunny commercial. He also worked on improving and releasing more music. He eventually joined a Demo Scene group called Cryptic Stench Records where he released a few of his songs onto the scene under his Demo Scene handle Silent Vengeance M.O.C.

Kavin continued to write music until 2005 under the his Demo Scene name of Silent Vengeance M.O.C. He has written 62 different tracks in total with collaboration on 3 of his tracks from other artists. In 2005 he took on a large programming project which ate most of his time up. He has not released a new track since then but has several he is working on when time permits.

Kavin currently holds a full time position in the Information Technology Field. He still runs his business on the side and hopes that some day it will be profitable enough again so that he does not need the day job. Kavin continues to program in a variety of languages including C#, PERL, Javascript, MySQL, and others.

Kavin is the author of the Myrmidon Automated Radio Station project located on SourceForge.

Kavin is known as Silent Vengeance M.O.C. on the Demo Scene.

Kavin can be found on AIM, Steam, and Fur Affinity. as magiusfox.

Kavin can be found on twitter and LiveJournal as kavinfox.

Kavin was married on 3-19-2010 to Kara Kitteh.

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