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Kaveebi (born March 28, 1996) is a traditional/digital artist and a Furry Amino curator, who lives in South Holland, the Netherlands.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Since 2013/2014, Kaveebi has sold traditional art on her Instagram. She only started selling digital art around June, 2017.

Kaveebi became a curator of Furry Amino in January , 2017.

Kaveebi makes original species and designs. She owns a few closed species, but her signature species are called moonskippers,[clarify] and she keeps an instagram up with a list of the existing moonskippers and their owners. Custom moonskippers are sold once or twice a year, and sometimes premades are sold.


  • Kai O'mally: a female moonskipper. Her colors are brown, red-brown (sand/foxbrown) white, purple, blue, pink, black, and red. She represents Kaveebi at all times.
  • Albi Damned: a female crossbreed between a housefly and a bat. She represents Kaveebi's negative side.
  • Biyoux O'mally: a male flying puma hybrid, based on her deceased cat, Sirius O'mally. This fursona means everything to her.
  • Binto: a genderless demon doll with MPS and different forms, the freaky psychotic side needs a sona too, am I right?

Original characters[edit]

  • Vinyl: a lupora angel (closed species by Kaveebi).
  • Kitt: a lupora angel.
  • Vex: Zætra (closed species by Kaveebi).
  • Yip: a shadow critter (closed species by Coloreevee).
  • Zee: a shadow critter.
  • Moà: synaxid (open species).
  • (Unnamed): a gezak (closed species by Krokpot).
  • Finn: a pikwee (closed species by Soyyemilk).
  • Bob: a "dinosaurbeast thing".
  • Vasha: a pyrie (closed species by Kaveebi).
  • Chloë: a draakhonden (closed species by Koachellla)
  • S'vani/Anakin: a quincat (closed species by Coloreevee).
  • Din-Ukkat (open species).
  • Bell-lupora angel (closed species by Kaveebi).
  • Manu Hazel: a zarziol (open species).
  • Pip: a moonskipper.
  • Noïse: a Dutch Angel Dragon (open species).
  • Copper: moonskipper.

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