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Katsuki Adam Lennox, as drawn by himself. This is his fursona's current revision, as introduced on 31 December, 2010.

Katsuki Adam Lennox, known to his friends as "Kat", was born 14 June, 1988, and resides in western Massachusetts, USA. He is part of the Fur Affinity and Weasyl communities.


Kat is a fat, azure-blue arctic foxtaur with two tails. He's 5' 5" tall and is very heavy-set, weighing around 2,256 lbs (1023 kg). He is 28 years old, and has long, dark blue headfur, with purple tips on his bangs, which he lets down, with its length reaching slightly past his shoulders. The front of his headfur features several fur tufts with purple tips. He has purple-tipped ears, the bottom of which are blue, like his fur. He has four legs, each with four digits; his hands have five digits. He sometimes wears a white T-shirt with a red jacket, but usually goes without any clothing. He doesn't wear any shoes or pants. Kat is currently employed as a network technician for a local college.


Kat's player used to roleplay online as Tails. After a while, he wanted to be more original, so he decided to roleplay as a blue version of Tails. Eventually he started adding features like goggles/glasses, headfur, clothing, etc, until he came to look as he does today. However, he still went by Miles Shippo Prower (he added the 'Shippo' part to distinguish himself from Sega's Tails). However, each of these changes were spread out over time, so he never ended up changing his fursona's name.

On 24 July, 2006, Kat decided to rename his fursona to Katsuki Adam Lennox, thus officially and finally separating him from his Sega counterpart. He got his first name from his abandoned hedgehog character, whom he named Katsuki the Hedgehog in mid January 2006. His last name, Lennox, was chosen because it's a Scottish surname, and he is partly of Scottish descent. Adam was chosen simply because he likes the name.

In February of 2007, Kat's appearance changed again. The ponytail was dispatched in favor of letting the headfur hang out, the spectacles exchanged for bifocals, the neck widened, and the body fattened up further, among other things.

On 31 December, 2010, Kat changed his fursona to be a foxtaur, his first major revision in nearly four years. During this time, he also changed Kat's height, weight and age. As of this revision, Kat is now the same age and height as his player.


Kat's fursuit as seen on the first day he was received, at his birthday party.

Kat commissioned his fursuit from CFFCostumes, with it being delivered at his birthday party in 2014. It is a large blue fox, exactly like his character, with a soft padded belly and rump. Like his character, it has two blue tails with white tips, one of his most distinguishing features, save the large midsection.


Kat's player was born 14 June, 1988, and resides in western Massachusetts, USA. He loves chatting, eating, sleeping, taking pictures, and drawing. He also works as a network technician for a local college.


Kat started drawing around October, 2004. Currently, he does all of his artwork digitally. He joined the Fat Fur community in early 2005.


Kat has been attending Furry Conventions since FurFright 2012. As of December, 2016, he has attended the following conventions:

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