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Katsuke Saito a.k.a. Kat or Katsu ( Born in December 5, 1989 ) is a Chinese-Malaysian furry artist from Malaysia.

Katsuke's artworks usually feature his own characters, often characters from a fictional military team he made called Team Wildcatz which is said to be based off a novel or webcomic he is supposedly working on. His fursona is a gray feline with red stripes on his body, has white hair and red eyes with several gold piercings on his ears. Recently it is revealed that his fursona has an Alter ego which is a crow with the same colors as his feline self and is referred to as Krow. Also worth noting is that Krow still has feline ears.


Katsuke is also currently a Digital Animation student, working on 3D and 2D Animations. His art style bears resemblance to Anime style art and is colored digitally most of the time.

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