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Kathera Lockharte is a furry artist whose fursona is a Gryphoness. She creates yiffy art, but will do tame and Ecchi if requested, and she takes commissions.

Second life[edit]

Kathera can be found on Second Life as Kathera Larkham. She works at Club Rainbow Tiger as a dancer, a DJ, and is in charge of hiring new dancers.


Kathera Lockharte has also been active against trolls in the YouTube Furry War, under the username FurGryphon.

That username is now discontinued as she can no longer access her old account, she now goes under the username Katheralockharte

Rant Furry Radio[edit]

she is trying starting her own furry webcast radio show with her friend Spike Papp and is currently looking to find more traffic to her site so that she may start producing the show and stuff, right now, there was a forum, but members stopped going there for some reason, so if anyone is reading this, please, support rant furry radio and sign up for the forums, there is a gallery to upload fanart for the show, there is also a wiki there for information on the show, information on the hosts and cohosts, and other people involved, it is not quite ready yet, but they are trying to get some site traffic so they can start the show as soon as they can.

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