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Karou (full name Karou Windstalker) is one of many shapeshifting kitsune characters on FurryMUCK. He writes descriptions and assists others with their own. Karou's player currently resides in the wilderness of northern New Jersey known as Sussex County, and was born on December 7, 1969. His other character is a female schnolf, a snow leopard/wolf hybrid.

Karou has taken a number of forms, and will often create new descriptions on request. Among other forms, he has been "vulpines of varying shapes and sizes, felines, wolves, dragons, unicorns, pegasii, chakats, WolfSkunks, canines, minotaurs, skunks, and Nagas in any gender. He'll be found all round FurryMUCK, in the West Corner of the Park, Giants' Club, Hermaphrodite Haven - any place he has folks he considers to be his friends.

The character is also rather unpredictable, as the player suffers from bipolar disorder and possesses "a rather fluctuating temperament". He has been accused of trolling for attention on occasion, and with being a powergamer by those who think kitsune are way too powerful. However, most of those who know him, feel he's just being his nutty self and can recognize powergaming when they see it.

Karou is one of the hundred some players who volunteered to be helpstaff on FurryMUCK. He has knowledge of writing descriptions, handling Morphs, listening to other furs' tales, and tries to assist new folks who spar at the KBD

Example description[edit]

Karou stands before you, smiling like someone who's been told the world's greatest joke and can barely contain his mirth. He stands an average 6' 6" tall, with a wiry, athletic build. His fur is the ice white of an arctic fox living in the 'Great White North', yet his headfur, which tumbles in curls down past his shoulders, is a brilliant auburn red. His muzzle, which is blunter than a red fox's would be, enhances the handsomness of his profile. His eyes, which peer around at whatever catches his interest, are an ice blue in color, yet the warmth of his kindness shines like the brightest fire.

He is currently attired in a black t-shirt, which has a pawprint emblazoned in the middle, the back of which has been altered to allow the pair of feathered wings which grace his back to move freely. Gracing his lower half are a pair of black cargo shorts, which have been carefully tailored to allow his 9 tails to swish mirthfully behind him. Gracing the tips of his tails are emerald bells, which have been braided into the fur gently.

As he looks around, shifting his balance on digitigrade paws, he notices you looking at him, he smiles even broader, then murmurs in a voice which seems to combine the ice-swept arctic circle and the merriment which hides within him, "Hello there .. how pleasant to see you..," before turning fully in your direction, his curved ears perking in your direction.

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