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Karma Leafbarer, also known as Katie Hopkins, maiden name Popp, (born October 26)[1] is an artist and the wife of Jack artist David Hopkins. Her fursona is an orange-eyed yellow anthropomorphic frog who maintains a tadpole tail due to the character not quite being an adult yet. Karma was the main character in the short-lived comic Of Skunks and Frogs and has cameoed in various webcomics such as Vinci & Arty and Gene Catlow.

While Karma does the lettering for her husband's comic, Jack, and collaborated with him on the story of Long Island as the co-writer and digital artist. She has no interest in pursuing art as a career and treats it moreso as a hobby.

Karma lives in Lakewood, Washington, USA,[1] with David, their two cats (Lucifer and Minion), and their two dwarf frogs (REO and Speedwagon).


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