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This is not the Karma behind Bad Karma Networks.

Karma (born 1985) is an anthro artist and fursuiter from Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Her fursona is a blue furred female wingless dragon of a species of her own creation, Karma Dragons. She is also known online as karmadragon, foreveromega, ihavetherabies, Amandazilla, Arse, Nguloja, Aro, Cookie and Addicted Rat.

She discovered the fandom in late 1999. After becoming interested in werewolves after seeing An American Werewolf in Paris, she followed a link on Temple of Luna through Chris Goodwin's artwork to the VCL.

Delighted that she had found others that were interested in the same things she was, she started drawing on a daily basis, and started posting her artwork online shortly thereafter. She decided to create her own species of dragons after discovering Aido's artwork. The idea that one could create their own species had not occurred to her before that time. She had really taken to the idea of dragons covered in fur, so Karma Dragons were made, even though Karma was not the first one drawn.

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